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Whether in Life you need to put your game face on, your sad face on, your happy face on, your mean face on, your dream face on, or your best foot forward...Personality is an art form. Makeup is an art form. And so the two meet.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Dupe Fairy Has Arrived =)

Hey all, I know I haven't blogged in a while..but I haven't been buying any makeup lately ( except for the nyx order I'm about to place lol) I think this is a helpful post and a little different from usual ( we don't want boredom now do we?) Love your high end favorites, but hate the high end price? Well, this is the post for you. Keep in mind it isn't identical..but close!

Eye Products.

1. Eyeshadow. Trade your...
- MAC Electric Eel ($14.50) for..
* Milani's Atlantis ( $3-$7) Blue shade
2. -Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Yeyo ($20)
-Maybelline Shadow Single in Vanilla ($3-7) Creme Shade
3. MAC Aquadisiac ($14.50)
*Avon Single Shadow in Turqouise ($4)
4.MAC Nylon ( $14.50)
* ELF single shadow in Buttercream ($3) Creme Gold Shade.
5. -MAC Carbon ( $14.50)
* NYX Single Shadow in Carbon ($3.50 Cherry Culture)
6.- Sigma Single Eyeshadow in Start me up ($27.00 Quad)
*Loreal Hip Duo in Platinum ( silver. shade) ($6-$13)

1. Like Nars Gina ($26.00)? Try Neutrogena Healthy Blends Blush in Healthy ($13)
2. Like Nars Desire ($26.00) Try E.L.F Studio Blush in Pink Passion ($3)
3. Like Nars Orgasm ($26.00) Try MAC Blush in Springsheen ($19.50)

1. Like MAC's Clear Lipglass ($14)? Try Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Clear ($1-$3)
2. Like MAC's Ember Glow ($14) Try Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Gloss in Red Delicious (6)

1. Like MAC's Studio Fix Fluid($26)? Try Revlon Colorstay ($7-$14)
2. Like Makeup Forever's HD foundation($40)? Try Revlon PhotoReady ( $7-$14)

1. Like MAC's Hug me($14.50)? Try Rimmel London Lipstick in Spotlight Beige ($5-$12)
2. Like MAC's Angel ($14.50)? Try Avon Lip Plumping Lipstick in Pink Lemonade ( Reg. $8)
3. Like Clinique High Impact Lipcolor in Sassy Spice ($14)? Try Avon Lipstick in Red 2000 ( Reg. $6)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peach Shopping

Hey all, This post is about peach makeup. Peaches & Bronzes are my staple look, and since I enjoy them so much I have decided to add to my collection. I will include what I already have and what I plan to buy. The purpose of this post is to get some great feedback, so if you have a great peach makeup product you enjoy using, don't be shy in mentioning..that's what this is for....
My Current Peach Collection
1. Nars Blush in Gina
2. E.l.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
3. MAC Blush in Springsheen
4.Nars Blush in Orgasm ( Peachy pink)
5. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Red Delicious
6. Avon Longlasting Lipstick in Sheer Light Peach
7. Avon Lip Plumping Lipstick in Cantaloupe
8. MAC Liberty of London Lipstick in Peachstock
9. MAC lipstick in Ravishing
10. Rimmel London Lipstick in Crush
11. Victoria's Secret Lipstick in Shhh
Current Shopping List
1. Too Faced Blush in Papa Don't Peach
2. Benefit Georgia Peach Powder
3. Cargo Tin Blush in Rome
4. MAC Lipglass in Ember Glow
5. Smashbox Blush Rush in Paradise
What are your favorite peach makeup products???
xoxoxoxxo Jenna

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Random Facts Tag

Hey all, I recently got tagged by the beautiful Leah, to do a random facts post. Her blog is you should check her out she has some great interesting points like the post on Nars dupe...

Here goes.

Fact 1 : Something about me a lot of people probably don't know is my main passion is dancing. I have been dancing for 15 years. I used to be in a ballet company and travel throughout the U.S for competitions. I am part of the company at my school, but not as serious about it. I used to dance everyday. Now I choreograph here and there, and are in and there.
Fact 2: I have been 5'5 1/2 forever.....I thought i stopped growing, but Ironically I went to the doctor last week and I am now officially 5'6 =)
Fact 3: I sell Avon, Mark, and Mary Kay beauty products. I have a strong connection to my companies but that does not stop me from telling you the honest truth about my products...if it sucks..i will tell you...i rather have an honest clientele base that confides in me..than have come and go customers & I fib to to make a quick 50 bucks.
Fact 4: I first got into makeup by having to learn theatrical makeup. For dance, their was a certain makeup look you had to learn and perfect. You had to learn a lot about the face, and how lighting effects the face...I am an artist with eyeshadow and that's something not very many people know since most of my tutorials are wuth neutral shadows.
Fact 5: I live on a college campus. It was pretty exciting at first, but does get stressful at times. It's making me become a hoarder because I bring things to school and forget about them and repurchase. Now I have like two & three of everything ( Makeup, hair stuff, clothing) BUT the best part about it is having the freedom to do things your way, and when you want without extra pressure.

So those are the five boring things about me....I love the different people I get to communicate with so I am going to tag five people as well!

Tag 1- ( Sam)
Tag2- ( Jo)
Tag3- ( Marie)
Tag4- (Ashley)
Tag 5- ( joe)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Makeup Survey

Hello, Sorry I haven't posted inawhile, I am currently in the process of remodeling my room. Not a new design, just an update...same color scheme...I have a new glass vanity, and when my room is complete is when I will get back to collecting makeup again. I was browsing through Beauty Broadcast's blog, (Emily Noel) and decided to take her survey. You should check out her blog, she's a doll. I figured this would be a good way to share where I stand with makeup right now, so when I film collection videos with my camera you will have some understanding of when it used to be a lot smaller...( now) Enjoy!

1. What time did you do your makeup today?
- 12 pm
2.What's the least expensive beauty item you used?
- Loreal Paris Shadow Quad in Kerry's Bronzes ( $4.99)
3.What was the biggest problem you need to collect?
- I always need to even out my skintone
4.Did you apply false eyelashes?
- Duh, I always do to go comforter shopping..haha jk.
5.Did you do anything while applying makeup?
-watched television
6.Biggest makeup mishap?
-smudging waterproof eyeliner isn't fun
7.Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind?
- It's always Jennifer Lopez. Just freshfaced peaches.
8.What's the most time consuming part of your makeup routine?
- My foundation. I love a flawless finish look, and i always apply with wet sponge.
9. What part of your routine is the most fun?
- Putting on mascara
10.What part of your makeup routine makes a difference in the way you look?
- Cat eyeliner
11. Neutral or Colorful?
12.Liquid or Mineral foundation
- MAC Liquid
13. Hair or makeup first?
- Hair
14.Did you pack a makeup bag for the day?
- No, I don't wear enough for touchups
15.When did you finish your makeup?
12:14 pm