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Whether in Life you need to put your game face on, your sad face on, your happy face on, your mean face on, your dream face on, or your best foot forward...Personality is an art form. Makeup is an art form. And so the two meet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Product Rave of the Week: E.L.F Mineral Mascara

Hey guys, I haven't been blogging much lately since I need a new digital camera I really can't share any recent tutorials, just looks I did previously. I managed to pick up a new mascara by E.L.F, and I really didn't expect much from it because it was soooo cheap. Not to float my own cruise ship or anything, but I was blessed in the lash department, and I am not too picky with mascaras..most of them will do the job well...the only issue with mascaras I have is sanitary issues/formula issues, because I have really sensitive eyes. Lots of mascaras make my eyes red.

This is the best mascara I have tried in a long time. It costs only $3.00, ( not including the numerous sales & coupons always available) and is of extremely high quality. The lash brush isn't traditional, and sort of comb-like. It reminds me of the old Maybelline mascara with the comb, but not as large ridges. It doesn't clump whatsoever, the sculpted lashes look real. I always get a "doll-like" look with pretty much any mascara, but this definitely is a must have. This mascara is can go for that doll-like dramatic look, a more natural look, or even in between. It is a buildable mascara with no clumps.

For 5 of these mascaras would be 15 dollars, which is actually less than one high end mascara, this mascara is a great way to stay sanitary and clean without breaking the bank. You are supposed to throw away mascaras every 3 months, sometimes I have too even sooner because of my sensitive I can't see spending 20 dollars and chucking it..sooo I keep it too long. This is an excellent solution for that. Just buy them in the bulk, and store in makeup drawer.

xoxoxoxo Jenna

Do you have any products this week you can't stop chatting about??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foundation Chit Chat: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Hey you Guys, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I had a great weekend I spent most of it with my boyfriend Steven. This past Sunday we went shopping in Providence and I just had to hit the Mac Counter in Nordstrom..I was excited because I finally got to purchase the Peachstock Lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection. I also picked up another Gaga Lipstick, Creme De La Nude, Ravishing, Shag, and Shygirl. Oh, how I love lipstick =) I had to go clothes shopping as well, but I really hate clothes shopping...but my bf got me to take a risk and go into a store I have never been into...New York & Company, great store! Glad I took a risk..not to mention I actually know what size I am in Women's clothing now..yes I know scary...I bought cute dresses & pencil skirts for cheap! The last place I stopped was Sephora, where I just had to pick up a Makeup Forever foundation...I had been wanting to try it for awhile.
I don't have the slightest clue why I went to that store last...I went in it at 5:50 when they closed at 6 o clock. I get nervous lol..and I am an extremely slow shopper and my bf is fast fast with everything...He just told me to hurry up and shopp so that's what I did. First wrong thing I did, was get colormatched for foundation WITH foundation on. Stupid Stupid. But I figured..hey my mac s.f.f is like exactly my skin color..until the stuff oxidizes. The lady that colormatched me put on the Makeup Forever HD foundation in 170( Caramel) which is a medium shade with deep yellow tones. It looked good in the mirror, until I was in the car on the highway and did a quick swatch on my hand. It was soooooooooooo ORANGE. I was slightly pissed off because I felt my money go down the drain. I could always take it back, but the girl didn't do a bad job color matching me...they simply just didn't have the right shade...170 is the closest to my skin. Only plausible solution would be to mix two hd foundations, But I hate mixing high end foundations..and that would be 80 dollars =(
I am bringing this foundation with me when I go on vacation to Jamaica. It really does have a beautiful flawless finish and the stuff is pretty much undetectable. This foundation gives a "glow" when I use my skin...That is the orange tinge counteracting the yellow..I plan on using it in the summer ..I am hoping my skin tone will darken...In conjunction with other makeup products, powders and blushes...this foundation is really beautiful! I wish I could find my exact match though.
I'm sorry this was long, but Have you had any foundation
Take care,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Makeup Tutorial:E.L.F Fruit Series: 02 Strawberries and Cream

Hi, This is my 2nd look a part of my fruit-inspired makeup series. I wanted a strawberry lip, with a hint of a milky make a very pretty baby pink lip. This look is very girly, yet simple. No eyeshadow is used in this look besides a brow highlight.Enjoy!
1. Start off with a clean face. Apply a flawless finish foundation all over the face with a dampened blending sponge. I used Makeup For Ever HD foundation in 170 (Caramel)
2. Sweep a pretty peachy pink blush to the apples of the cheeks. I used NARS blush in Orgasm.
3. Directly on the cheekbone layer another blush with an absolute pink hue. I used E.L.F Studio Blush in Pink Passion.
4. For the eyes, apply a dramatic mascara for a doll inspired look. I used E.L.F Mineral Mascara in Black.
5. For a brow highlight, sweep E.L.F Studio Eyeshadow in Sand Dollar.
5. Apply a concealer on the lips for preparation. I used a light/medium shade included in the Coastal Scents Concealer Palette.
6. Apply a pink lustre lipstick. I used MAC's Lady Gaga Edition Lipstick
7. Right under cupid's bow, apply a milky pink lipgloss. I used NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight.
8. For the all over gloss color, I used E.L.F Super Glossy Lipshine in Watermelon.
9. To set the look, apply a setting powder on cheeks, t-zone, and forehead. I used E.L.F High Definition Powder ( Translucent)
xoxoxoxo Jenna
Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Makeup Tutorial: E.L.F Fruit Series: 01 Raspberries

Hi, I have decided to launch a line of "fruit" inspired looks for spring.I named it Raspberries because that is where my inspiration has come from. This first one is a bold raspberry lip, with a shimmery neutral eye. You won't find a lot of dramatic looks from me, since I am not really that into eyeshadow. I used a lot of my Elf products I received in my haul last weekend. Enjoy!
1. Start off with clean skin. Moisturize/Prime. Apply a foundation of your choice. I applied MAC studio Fix Fluid in NC42
2. Apply E.L.F Studio Line Bronzer in Warm on the cheeks, sweep of the nose as well.
3. Apply E.L.F Blush in Mellow Muave on the cheeks.
4. Sweep a light gold/ buttery eyeshadow on the entire lid. I used E.L.F Studio Line Eyeshadow in Buttercream with an E.L.F Studio Line Eyeshadow brush.
5. Finish off the simple eye look with a mascara. I used E.L.F Mineral Mascara in Black
6. Seal the look with a setting powder. I used E.L.F High Definition Powder.
7. Now for the lips, Moisturize first.. I used E.L.F Mineral Lipstick in Pouty Petal.
8. For shine, apply an E.L.F lipgloss in Juiced Berry.
xoxxoxoxo Jenna
What are your favorite makeup looks for spring?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hair Chit Chat: Garnier Fructis =)

Hi dolls, I have been meaning to buy new shampoo and conditioner since I am almost out. I have been using Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. I usually order my hair products from online lol, but I have gotten my mom into the hair game and she actually chucked out her suave...( nothing against suave) and loves the catwalk line. 80 percent of the time the shampoo/cond. duo I get is Bedhead. If not Bedhead, at least Tigi. And I get the one with the big pumps...I am going to buy Dumb Blonde, works great! In the mean time, found my self wandering around the drugstore trying to find a substitute and remembered an old favorite I used to use when I was like in 6th grade haha...Garnier Fructis. The products were on sale for 3 for 9.99, so I bought three of them. I bought...

1. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo

2. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Conditioner

3. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Leave in Conditioner

I remembered why I loved this line sooo much! Melted the knots right out of my hair. The smell is a strong fruity smell, which can get kind of sickning after awhile lol..why I haven't used it in ages..but when you revisit this is sooooo yummy.. I feel like this conditioner does make my hair stronger...and it penetrates into the hair instead of laying on the shaft like Pantene...

I'm still going to order my Bed Head shampoos with the lovely salon pump, but this is a bangin back up!
What do you think of Garnier Fructis?? I'm honestly curious. Leave your two cents..and don't forget to mention hair type/texture as well! Have a great day!
xoxoxoxo Jenna

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easy Homemade Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Hey all, I haven't bought any hair or makeup products in a great while, besides my scrapbook shelf I use for my makeup storage courtesy of Target. I have recently gotten a color retouch, since I enjoyed my color so much. I asked for a warm golden brown with golden honey highlights. The 2nd time I had foiled, the highlights came out slightly lighter, with more of a buttery tone. Since I color my hair usually every 8 weeks, yes I know long time..I treat my hair in some way. This has been the cheapest treatment I could find, That actually did something for my hair. My hair is very healthy right now. So, here's the recipe and directions. Enjoy!
Warning- This treatment isn't for every hair color. It is fine for deep shades of hair, but for lighter shades it can darken your hair. I have been using it to create some depth to my hair since I think my hair color came out too light.This is good to use to darken as well as a coffe rinse will do the trick.

Olive Oil ( enough to saturate the entire head)
2 squirts of Organic Honey( Only if you have curly hair)
Apple Cider Vinegar ( in the scalp if hair is fine)

Start off with slightly damp hair ( warm water) especially drenched with water at the ends. Saturate the hair with warm olive oil...comb through with a wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair, work in some honey for a texturizer to make your ringlets springy. If you have hair that is fine, and is known to look greasy, saturate hair with the olive oil, but skip the scalp. Massage apple cider vinegar to the scalp for bounce and shine. Put on shower cap. Let it penetrate for 15- 20 minutes minimum. Rinse out shampoo as usual.
xoxoxo Jenna

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review: Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

(Image courtesy of Flat Iron

Hey beauties! I had invested quite a bit of money last month into purchasing a new (top quality) flat iron...I had been using the chi I got for my 17th birthday from my aunt for quite some time now. I am now 18 years old. So, senior year to freshman in college. I had no complaints about my chi, I thought it worked excellently and everyone says its cheaply made and doesn't last long. So glad I got a good year out of it until the straightening power began to fade. I still own it, because it still works, just not as well as when I first used it. So, I went on great reviews about this thing, and decided to give it a go.

Price: $139.00
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars I believe...

This flat iron looked so sleek on, but when I received mine it looked almost cheap...I bought mine in pink..i don't know if that's why. But I decided to give this a chance anyways.

- It's a great flat iron. I noticed this Sedu ran more smoother through my hair than the Chi, that's what the product's claim was anyways..and for the price I expected that.
-It has a two year warranty that the Chi doesn't offer.
- It comes with a heat proof mat through

- The performance of the flat iron in comparison to the so, so...the Chi cost 60 dollars..and works just the same..139.00 seemed way overpriced for this product
- Some people might see this as a Pro, but I hate that it comes with a temperature setting, I liked that the Chi did not..
- When you put it to the highest setting, you get this gross smell of burnt hair you cannot believe... I never had that problem with my chi
- My hair frizzes more with this product, I don't know if it's the iron or my hair...

Overall, good product I believe. I would probably take it back though if I wasn't so lazy. I like the Chi better.

Would I repurchase?- No.
Would I recommend this to a friend? I wouldn't recommend it..but if they had their heart set on buying it..the only thing i would have to say is it is overpriced.

Xoxoxo Jenna.

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 Makeup Products I can't Stand !!!

Hey Darlings, Hope you had a nice Easter. I spent the day with my mom in Boston shopping, and we later met up with my boyfriend and took the t to the north side to eat at an italian bistro. Surprisingly I did not spend too much money, BUT I luckily came across The Body Shop, which is not close to my home at all. Whenever I buy body shop products, I buy via online..Anyways I have been wanting to try their Tea Tree line of skincare foreverrrrr so I picked up the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash..and saved myself the shipping. I will have to do a review soon! What I have been doing, is trying to clear out all my bad makeup to make room for new stuff since I am updating the storage in my room. I thought this would be an interesting post to share with you, to maybe save you the trouble..I understand not every product works the same for everyone, so if you like any of these then more power to you! I am not doing any brand bashing, I'm just sharing with you products I have been dissatisfied with.

1. Smashbox Bionic Mascara: I had purchased this from Sephora during the holiday season, for 19 dollars. To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be the greatest mascara because of the price, you know how we tend to be less frugal during the holiday season, but ALL I WAS EXPECTING WAS A MASCARA THAT DID NOT CLUMP. It left chunks on my lashes that not even the cheapest drugstore mascara I have used...has ever done this. It did not lengthen. It did not volumize. It just made a mess. You can get your lashes to look enhanced and pretty decent if you play with this mascara, and if you are very careful about the application technique. but I don't want to sit their for twenty minutes carefully applying mascara. I just want to put it on, and go!! Also, the packaging is so close it all the far as it can go..and when you have opened the package..mascara clumps leak out..I haven't thrown it away yet though, cuz I found a use for it..I use it for my bottom lashes..and it works pretty good.
2. Covergirl Clean Makeup for Sensitive Skin in Soft Honey: First of all, I have never been a fan of I don't know why I bothered, but you never know right? This makeup doesn't even look like flesh looks like brown and beige acrylic paint to me, and the application reminds me of such. It made my face break out...from the bottle I had a hard time figuring out what undertones were available..Not cool.
3. Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Foundation in Soft Honey: I'm sorry, I swear this isn't bash Covergirl day, but these made my face a greasy mess. The color did not even match, with covergirl they only offer lighter shades with darker deep medium shades that work for me..I have a yellow undertone..but Covergirl makes me look soo orange. Not a good buy for me. My mother never wears foundation, but she does own this one..and has had no complaints. My mom has a deep skin tone, with normal to dry breakouts, what do you think of Trublend?
4. Wet n Wild Mega Protein Mascara: This is a dupe for Maybelline Colossal. First before I start bashing this, let me say it was only 1.99. It comes in a cute white and teal tube. It stinks..but that didn't bother me because so did the colossal. It volumized surprisingly well, with no clumps!The reason why I hate this eye product is after several irritated my eyes terribly. Red as a rose!! I thought it was my contact solution, but this was the culprit. Just what I need, full lashes and red eyes!!!!!
5. Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Bonfire: Bonfire is a deep red...and this lipstick was cheap and comes in cheap gold packaging. Rich color, went on creamy, but starting bleeding in a matter of minutes. Not even a lip liner could do the trick...what a runny inexpensive formula..I don't care if it was only 4 dollars, I have 99 cent Wet n Wild lipsticks with better quality =)

Anyways, those are my five products that have been invited to my garbage party. I am not positive if I have a bias against Covergirl or not, the only products I can tolerate from them are the eyeshadows, I am curious, What do you think of the Covergirl brand?

What products can you absolutely not use, I would love to know to save myself the hassle!
xoxoxo Jenna

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet Blog Award and Makeup Survey

Hello Everyone, I am pretty thrilled today because when I was doing my usual blogging at lunchtime I discovered a lovely sweet blog award I received from Awful Beautiful Disarray ( Ashley) I am psyched...=) It is such a great feeling. The Sweet Blog award is given to that person's blog which you enjoy visiting often, and they are just oh so friendly! I now have to return this award, to my many fellow bloggers I enjoy reading on a daily basis! I haven't been blogging that long, so unfortunately I do not have ten favorites yet.
Sweet Blogs.
1. ( Ashley) I give this back to her because she has definitely helped me tremendously find my organic skincare regimen.
2. ( Debbie) She's my roommates bestie, and I definitely love reading her blog. Her posts are so helpful, and she is so friendly and interesting!!!
3. (Logan) She has really interesting posts! Like the one on Estee Lauder makeup, and she is super friendly!!!
4. ( Irene) I'm an Avon rep and she recommended Avon bronzing pearls to me, She also was generous enough to give me an award and she is just too sweet!
That's all I have for now, Thank you ladies for sharing all your great tips with me!
As for this makeup survey, I received it from Chelsey
My Go 2 Products as of recently.
My Foundation: Currently, I am love with Mac Studio Fix Fluid N42
My Mineral Foundation: BareMinerals Medium Tan Pot
My Powder: Revlon Photoready Powder in Medium Deep
My Mascara: Mac Plush Lash
My Blush: Nars Powder Blush in Gina
My Eyeshadow(s): Loreal Paris Kerry's Bronzes Eyeshadow Quad.
My Lip Product(s): Mac Hug Me Lustre Lipstick, Rimmel London Spotlight Beige
My Day Cream: Olay UV Protectant Creme
My Beauty Product Brand: I never ever stick to one brand. Although I am into Nars right now. not just blush. Everything I have tried so far has been extra special.
My Essential Makeup Products: Can't live life without lip balm and a good mascara.
My Favorite Makeup Products: Nude lipsticks, Peach lipsticks, Flawless finish foundations.
My Perfume: Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers, Deseo by Jennifer Lopez
My Nails: Never get done by anyone but a professional. period. I'm too lazy and unskilled.
My feet: Usually have a french
my hands: are long and skinny and moisturized lol
Three Products to Bring on a desert Island: Lip Balm, conditioner, Burts Bees Chamomile and Soapbark deep cream cleanser.
xoxoxxoxo Jenna