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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easy Homemade Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Hey all, I haven't bought any hair or makeup products in a great while, besides my scrapbook shelf I use for my makeup storage courtesy of Target. I have recently gotten a color retouch, since I enjoyed my color so much. I asked for a warm golden brown with golden honey highlights. The 2nd time I had foiled, the highlights came out slightly lighter, with more of a buttery tone. Since I color my hair usually every 8 weeks, yes I know long time..I treat my hair in some way. This has been the cheapest treatment I could find, That actually did something for my hair. My hair is very healthy right now. So, here's the recipe and directions. Enjoy!
Warning- This treatment isn't for every hair color. It is fine for deep shades of hair, but for lighter shades it can darken your hair. I have been using it to create some depth to my hair since I think my hair color came out too light.This is good to use to darken as well as a coffe rinse will do the trick.

Olive Oil ( enough to saturate the entire head)
2 squirts of Organic Honey( Only if you have curly hair)
Apple Cider Vinegar ( in the scalp if hair is fine)

Start off with slightly damp hair ( warm water) especially drenched with water at the ends. Saturate the hair with warm olive oil...comb through with a wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair, work in some honey for a texturizer to make your ringlets springy. If you have hair that is fine, and is known to look greasy, saturate hair with the olive oil, but skip the scalp. Massage apple cider vinegar to the scalp for bounce and shine. Put on shower cap. Let it penetrate for 15- 20 minutes minimum. Rinse out shampoo as usual.
xoxoxo Jenna


  1. This sounds interesting!:D

    I should get organic honey and apple cider vinegar.:D

    Thanks for sharing this!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Hey, this seems interesting.. but vinegar...? Did your hair smelled later? lol
    I want to try it but i am afraid i will stink later :(

  3. @ Vaida G,
    if you rinse with hot water, it gets rid of the smell...a good clarifying shampoo does the trick as well. I like to use the vinegar to get rid of product buildup. I color my hair a lot, so I use vinegar instead of a clarifying shampoo since it strips my color. Good Luck!
    xoxoxo Jenna

  4. @ Marie,

    Your welcome hun.

    xoxoxo Jenna