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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foundation Chit Chat: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Hey you Guys, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I had a great weekend I spent most of it with my boyfriend Steven. This past Sunday we went shopping in Providence and I just had to hit the Mac Counter in Nordstrom..I was excited because I finally got to purchase the Peachstock Lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection. I also picked up another Gaga Lipstick, Creme De La Nude, Ravishing, Shag, and Shygirl. Oh, how I love lipstick =) I had to go clothes shopping as well, but I really hate clothes shopping...but my bf got me to take a risk and go into a store I have never been into...New York & Company, great store! Glad I took a risk..not to mention I actually know what size I am in Women's clothing now..yes I know scary...I bought cute dresses & pencil skirts for cheap! The last place I stopped was Sephora, where I just had to pick up a Makeup Forever foundation...I had been wanting to try it for awhile.
I don't have the slightest clue why I went to that store last...I went in it at 5:50 when they closed at 6 o clock. I get nervous lol..and I am an extremely slow shopper and my bf is fast fast with everything...He just told me to hurry up and shopp so that's what I did. First wrong thing I did, was get colormatched for foundation WITH foundation on. Stupid Stupid. But I figured..hey my mac s.f.f is like exactly my skin color..until the stuff oxidizes. The lady that colormatched me put on the Makeup Forever HD foundation in 170( Caramel) which is a medium shade with deep yellow tones. It looked good in the mirror, until I was in the car on the highway and did a quick swatch on my hand. It was soooooooooooo ORANGE. I was slightly pissed off because I felt my money go down the drain. I could always take it back, but the girl didn't do a bad job color matching me...they simply just didn't have the right shade...170 is the closest to my skin. Only plausible solution would be to mix two hd foundations, But I hate mixing high end foundations..and that would be 80 dollars =(
I am bringing this foundation with me when I go on vacation to Jamaica. It really does have a beautiful flawless finish and the stuff is pretty much undetectable. This foundation gives a "glow" when I use my skin...That is the orange tinge counteracting the yellow..I plan on using it in the summer ..I am hoping my skin tone will darken...In conjunction with other makeup products, powders and blushes...this foundation is really beautiful! I wish I could find my exact match though.
I'm sorry this was long, but Have you had any foundation
Take care,


  1. MUFE didn't work for me either. They gave me 177 which is soooo dark and the next one up too orange! Great blog by the way :)

  2. @ Ro,

    I hate when they make hype about certain makeup products..usually expensive ones..and their not even that its an alright foundation but I think for something so worshipped they should have my skin shade! lol