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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Body Talk =)

Hi, I decided to do a post today on some body talk/body image issues. I'm in college and have gained an extra five lbs =( I don't get how tho, Bummer. Let me share with you my background.

I have never ever ever ever did I mention ever? ...have been a skinny girl. As a child I was chubby and practically developed overnight. I lot of people thought I had an eating disorder because I went from round and chubby cheeked to having an actual shape so quickly.

I've been doing the same type of exercise sinc I was three. Don't mean to sound lame, but Ballet and other forms of dancing have been the only way I feel physically active and satisfied with my body. As for eating, as a child I was always a snacker, give me the chips! But as I got older I actually hate to snack and have to force myself to. ( Don't be fooled girls I am a big eater)

I decided I wanted to do Beauty pagaents, and hey if I got in shape enough possibly model. So, I have been exercising five times per week....and on a very strict diet....

Example here....

Mon, Wednesday, Fri, - Bicycle 15 mins, elliptical half hour, Walk on incline half hour
Tuesday Thursday- Walk for 15 minutes, elliptical half hour, Run Half Hour....and a Pilates Series for the abs with leg lifts , crunches, and coxic sits.

Eating example...

Mon. Breakfast- 3 scrambled egg whites cup of green tea...Jelly on a wheat pita
Snack- Stoneyfield Lemon Yogurt
Lunch- Chicken Zucchini Salad with Olive Oil cup of skim milk
Snack- Cooked Kashi Go Lean Oats, with a cup of tomato juice
Dinner- Chicken Vegetable soup ( homemade) slice of wheat Bread, Kiwi Salad
Snack- Water with Lemon, Raspberry Tea, Sugar-Free Cherry Jello or Pumpkin Seeds

This plan has been extremely unsuccessful. My goal is to get fit and feel healthy, but during this period it did nothing but make me feel sluggish, stressed, and terrible,
I'm used to working out so it isn't the vigorous workout schedule...It is the food i think
I did this for two months, and veggies and fruits don't help me feel energized. I have a feeling I might have over did it with the diet.. =( Doing this plan hasnt helped my self esteem or energy .Although continuously drinking water with lemon throughout the day has helped tremendously, this is something i havent dropped.

So I have decided to revamp my plan, so my life doesn't revolve around food..
Im doing the same gym routine, only going 3 times per week.

As for a meal going to go with something like this instead...

Breakfast- Banana Bread Oatmeal, Hot Apple Cider
Snack- Blueberry Nutri Grain Bar with Fuze Slenderize Tropical Punch
Lunch- Chicken Breast sandwich on wheat with Chicken Orzo Soup, Skim Milk
Snack- Stoneyfield Yogurt, 4 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Dinner- Whole Wheat Chicken Alfredo with Brocoli and Zucchini
Snack- Orange, and V8 Fruit Splash..

So Far, this has helped me. I don't feel as deprived...

As I said, I have never been a skinny girl, I am a size 7 or 28 in jeans, dress size 8 and mostly medium in shirts and stuff. I am 18, and I feel my body changing a little more..I have never had hips, I have always had a bigger upper body ( boobs, bigger built) and a smaller lower body. Although now I notice I am forming an hourglass type figure..and theres nothing I can do even if i wanted. I am 5'6, and usually around 138- 142 lbs is where I feel most comfortable..I am one of those ppl that are a lot heavier than they look and all...I will be happy if I reach 138 again, I have to learn that I am never going to be skinny and everyone has there own body type, if i feel bad about my body still, then I am not going to do pagaents. It's not fair for other people to make me feel bad about my body. Its ironic because I am eating crab rangoons while Im typing this, must want to lose weight so badd... haha

Before you lose weight, it is important you feel good about yourself already. If that is your reason you want to lose weight, you are more likely to fail. I have an unhealthy relationship with food...that has probably developed from the diet plans above...I go from eating tiny tiny binging. Horrible for you! I know I don't have the willpower to be skinny, and I am not going to ruin my metabolism by pursuing it anymore. I don't want my life to revolve around food...I'm in college, and food is always, always around!

My weight has been skyrocketing lately...and I am not sure what to do about it, but always remember, everyone has there own body type, and you better be proud of it, because if you aren't proud of your body, nobody else will be.

Its not about the size 2 girl in that tight black mini dress, its the way that size 2 girl carries herself in that size 2 mini dress. Remember, Confidence is everything! Don't let anyone make you feel inferior because you don't look like them! This goes for skinny girls, thicker girls, everybody!


  1. I feel you about gaining weight & especially relate to you with having a bigger torso (big boobs and big arms), that's just how I was built & I've learn to accept it. You really have to be happy with yourself 1st & lose weight for your health, not just to look like those girls in the magazines. I've lost about 30-40 pounds but gained 15 back so I've been working out to lose that 15 and hopefully more. I'm definitely bigger than you (size 13)
    but if you need any tips, I'd be more then happy to share with you on how I lost that weight. Good luck hun!

  2. Recently I have decided to get healthy too! I wanted to lose a little bit of weight along with that! Good luck!