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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review: Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Brazilian Nut

Hello =) So, I was really really ecstatic about this post because I bought a new mini camcorder today for my Youtube channel, and I was going to share with you the video of my makeup collection. BUT I can't because the software is a joke so I have to take it back to Best Buy.
Anyways =) I have a lovely review on Tree Hut Body Scrub instead. When I will be doing reviews, I will first use a scale of 1-5, in a variety of areas just to safe the blabbing =)
Cost- 5 ($7.00)
Smell- 4 Vanilla Sugar with Brazilian Nut..don't like the nut part.
Packaging-3 Can Spill in shower
Effectiveness- 4 Don't use everyday
Availability- 3 It isn't consistently available everywhere
This is a lovely body scrub. The smell is really strong. What I like about this is the sugar grains do not start to melt, so I can really scrub off my dead skin cells.
This product has many uses I have found, and it isn't a product I use follows.
USE 1: If I am out of St Ive's Apricot Scrub, and it is an exfoliating day, I will mix a LITTLE bit of this stuff into my cleanser. Do not rub hard, or too long because the grains are harsh on your skin. BUT all in all, a great alternative when im out of apricot scrub and don't feel like going to CVS. I usually follow up with a great moisturizer to avoid dry, scaly skin
USE 2:I found it helpful to bring this to the beach. It might sound foolish but the salt water irritates the skin on my feet, and causes them to flake and dry out, if they start to flake...I simply take this product from my beach bag, scrub the area gently and rinse. =)
USE 3: My favorite use of all! Some time passed, I was very interested in buying Tarte Sugar Lip Exfoliator, which looks like a lipstick and retails at around $20.oo. I could not see spending this much money on something with absolutely no pigment...So, I tried this instead..and I think this is an excellent alternative to achieve sexy smooth lips.
Usually after a shower, after I brush my teeth. I will brush my lips=) I find this stuff works better than the old toothbrush trick. Apply a little bit to your pointer finger, and massage in circular motions, be gentle! These grains are harsh!.... for application I would use my finger, a softened cosmetic sponge, or a piece of netting from a bath puff works awesome.. using a toothbrush was too harsh for me =/ After that, I rinse it off...and finish with a Chapstick Original before bed. This keeps my lips soft all day.
This is all I have come up with so far..but great versatile product that usually costs $7.00, depending where you shop. Below I have listed websites where you can find this product.
I purchased mine at Shaw's supermarket on sale, but I am not positive it is on the website. Just be on the lookout next time you are shopping.

Happy Blogging Darlings!!! xoxoxox

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