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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lipstick Talk =)

Hi, so I'm trying to build my lipstick collection. I've never really been a lipstick kind of girl, guess I am growing up ( lol) Well I never realized all the different formulas cuz when I used to think of lipstick I thought of a dry look with harsh color... until one day I figured out can make juicy lips =0

So I am building a collection with nudes/peaches, pinks, and bricks...mainly. I'll start with nudes.

Nude- For nude collection I have so far.... 1. MAC lustre lipstick in Hug Me
2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Crush
3. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick in Shh ( Peach)

Pink - 1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Champagne
2. MAC lustre lipstick in Snob
Brick- 1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Temptation
2. Loreal Paris Endless 8 hour lipcolor in Fired Up

I know I don't have that much yet..just restarted my makeup collection and threw a lot of old stuff out =)
Rimmel London lipsticks are awesome! They cost around $7.00, and they are dewy and moisturizing..only thing is I don't recommend buying this in a highly pigmented shade like temptation ( which is a brick red) the color bleeds like crazy no matter what primer, concealer, or lip liner I use...I would recommend purchasing colors like red from higher end brands with a matte finish. From my experience red lipsticks with a dewy finish run and look too messy.

I wanted a brick lipstick....Selena Quintanilla was my inspiration for them..a beautiful Tejano popstar who passed away in 93...I haven't found the exact color she used to wear because it was discontinued...( Chanel Lipstick in Brick)...the dupe that I have been satisfied with is the Loreal Paris LipColor in Fired Up...paired up with a cherry gloss and is very similar to Selena's Look! I was excited. It didn't run cuz of the matte formula.. and it was eleven dollars. I'm still on the search for that perfect Selena lipcolor..and I plan to take a skip to Sephora to look at higher end brands with better pigmentation. A lip stain would be lovely!

My favorite lipstick has been Victoria's Secret V.S Lipstick in looks very peachy but also very wearable...aww and when I get bronze in the summertime.. this look is head turning especially on olive/ tan skin... I used this lipstick on my friend Chelsea who has light beige skin, and the lipstick looked completely different. I love pairing Shh... with navy liner...and a subtle peach new favorite blush like this is Nars Blush in Gina....

yeah Im done blabbing for today =)


  1. Hi Hun, I love your blog so far and I'm your new follower!! I'm new to the blogging world so PLEASE check out my blog and follow me!! :) Thanks A Million xoxo ~Londyn

  2. Hey, good post :) I don't have any lipsticks, never became a fan of them.. but thinking about getting into it, you should do some swatches :) x

  3. lol thanks...I might do some swatches tonight I got a new camera that I can't wait to play with! VS lipstick in Shh would look lovely on you!