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Whether in Life you need to put your game face on, your sad face on, your happy face on, your mean face on, your dream face on, or your best foot forward...Personality is an art form. Makeup is an art form. And so the two meet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Violet Smokey Eyes

Hey all, this is one of my favorite looks I've done. As you can see this isn't a recent photo, since I had jet black hair and now have light brown. With the light brown hair, this look doesn't have the same effect, but it does wonders for my green eyes. Here's How!
1. Start off with a clean face. Apply Victoria's Secret Soft Focus Foundation with a foundation sponge. My shade is deep 10.
2. Apply NYX concealer (jar) with a concealer brush to the whole lid and on delicate skin below the eye. I used a concealer brush from the Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Collection. My shade is medium. ( try to go a shade lighter than your skin tone)
3. Apply Neutrogena Eye Duo in Sweet Dusk with applicator. I applied the burgundy shade all over the lid. Save the lighter shade for later!
4. Apply Loreal Hip Shadow Pigments in Beckoning all over the lid to just below the browbone. Use an eyeshadow brush. I used Sonia Kashuk. Blend well to avoid any harsh lines with this strong metallic violet color!
5. Line the top of the eyes with a smokey black pencil. I used Clinique Quickliner for eyes in Really Black. Apply to bottom lashline and smudge with Q-tip ( or slim makeup brush)
6. Apply a mascara. I used Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Jet Black. 5 Coats of this stuff for drama!
7. As a primer for the lips, I used good ol Chapstick Original.
8. Apply Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Crush ( A peachy Nude color, if you don't have this one any nude lipcolor will do!)
9. Apply a peach highlighting powder. Georgia Peach by Benefit is good, but hadn't had the cash for it, so I used New York Color Color Wheel Mosaic Powder in Peach Glow.
10. Lastly, I applied with my Bare Escentuals Full face Brush.. Cargo Water Resistant Bronzer in Golden Bronze.
Sounds long, and time consuming but this look really isn't once you get the hang of it!
Violaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment! The gaga lippie is a lustre, so I find it feels really comfortable on. It's a little bit lipstick, a little bit gloss.

    And you are a stunner! Look at those eyes and that complexion...

  2. Thanks for the comment :) The shop for the heels are called Zu. Its an aussie store.. heres the link ;

    & this look is gorgeous, your hair is nice too :)


  3. Wow you are so pretty! I love this look on you! :)

  4. Hi! thanks for following me! I follow u back!
    u are cute!

  5. this is a very beautiful makeup, it suits you really well :) in addition violet is one of my favourite colours^^
    drey jewelry.