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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Updated Skin Routine

Hey all! I decided it would be great to share with you guys my skin routine. I noticed in that jumbo sized picture of me I like the look of my skin..Only i cannot remember what I was using on my face at that time because it was sooo long ago!

MY skin type- I always suffered from oily skin, but it is beginning to clear up as I am aging. (18) thanks =) Now my skin is balanced, my forehead used to be my oily spot, but now my cheeks are my oily spots...yes weird i know. I get the occasional breakout..usually only hormonal..and only on my cheek area.... So this is what i have been doing for total skin control.

Five days a week, when I wake up I wash my face with Mark That's Deep Purifying Cleanser.

Over the weekend, I use St Ives Green Tea Cleanser with Salicyic Acid ( for acne control)

Twice a week, I exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub...the one with hydro. acid for skin renewal

2-3 times a week, depending on my skin... I use either Mark Shine Fighter Mask or Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene

As for moisturizers, I don't use them a lot because my skin is sensitive to them and tends to break skin stays really soft and hydrated without them, so why put more junk on my face that I don't need...But if I am going for a dewy makeup look, where I want the eyeshadows to really "melt" into the skin, I use a moisturizer. I use a moisturizer with SPF if I am really into the sun. I tried moisturizing before bed, seemed like a great idea, but it just lead to breakouts for me. I go to bed with fresh skin so it can" breathe".

My moisturizer is Mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer. It makes the skin look really dewy! And the light reflecting pigments catch your cheekbones and contour =)

Controlling my acne has been trial and era. I usually use this routine, but at times for maybe a week perhaps when i have gotten my skin to the greatest condition I can get it...I switch to a mild mild non scented facial bar.

This is where people go wrong. Slapping on every skin product they can find. Every acne product they can find. Every zit shrinking lotion. These products have ingredients that aren't exactly kind to your skin. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicyic Acid have "drying up" properties. This is what they are supposed to do. Problem is, when acne is gone and your still using can actually worsen the skin from my experience.

Proactiv did not work for me. I can't stand using a cleanser that smells like "medicine"

Neutrogena Acne products made my skin horrible, tight, and dry. Suffered from whiteheads. Overexposure.

Nature's Cure was a joke =)

It's only when I switched to regular cleansers when my skin started to improve. Although, I like to sneak in some concentration of acne med..that is why i use St Ives Green Tea Moisturizer... the concentration is not as high as acne products, just enough to keep skin clear...and just in case this baby only washes my face twice a week.

Me, being a makeup freak, its hard for me to say this, but sometimes you just gotta cut the makeup. Don't get me wrong, I have a huge makeup collection, but that doesn't mean I wear it everyday. Not wearing foundation one day won't kill you. It will still be there when you open your train case the next will not grow legs and run away.

For a mild mild milddddddddd cleanser I switch to when I'm not throwing all this crap on my face...I like African Shea Butter soap. Coastal Scents offers it for a reasonable price (range)

Sometimes the prettiest skin doesn't come from using all the latest creams and cleansers. For me, the trick is to use what is only needed for my skin...and products with low concentrations.

If it sounds more natural to me, ( apricot, green tea) I am more likely to buy it. whether that means it is natural, thats a different story.. =) It works for me though. Also, stay hydrated with water helps. I usually guzzle down an Evian a half hour before bed. Keep your system clear on the inside!

Below I have Posted Websites you can find my mentioned products. ( Mint Julep Mask here) ( Shea Butter Soap from Ghana)

I hope you enjoyed this post, If any one has any skin related questions, I would be happy to help you from my experience, although I am no dermatologist. ( Keep in mind, I have a peculiar skin type as well)


  1. i love coastal scents! i just hate how the shipping is so expensiveeee! it makes me feel like the stuff i'm getting isn't as cheap as i think, haha!

  2. i think that too...hehe! i like your blog jenna dear.

  3. lol yeaaa they always get u with shipping =(

  4. HI Jenna! thanks for following my blog, I just joined yours, looking forward to more posts!