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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best Mark and Avon Products

Hi, again.. This post was requested by Jenny, and I think it is a good follow up post to my previous. First I want to make clear, Yes I am a Mark Representative. Yes, I am an Avon representative..But I am also a full time college student, and I have another job on top of selling beauty selling these items are a HOBBY for me. Therefore, I am completely honest when I am reviewing their products, and I do not lie. I do not give products credit they do not deserve.Also, this is my personal opinion! I also want to let you know that No, I don't own every single Mark and Avon product. I use tons of different makeup brands so I will actually have something to compare them to, Anyways here are my absolute favorites..since stepping into the Avon game!! xoxo Jenna.
Avon is a great company to become hooked on because all products are always on sale!!P.S yes, that is Lauren Conrad!
1. Meet Mark Shine Fighter Oil-Control Mask:($8.00) I know this isn't a makeup item, But I had to put it anyways. It is your typical green mask with a clay consistency, but their is one aspect to this product that makes it so special. When it is ready to be washed off, it dries almost white. The thing I love about this mask is how ridiculously easy it is to take off. It has a softer consistency rinsing with warm water, but it still tightens your pores. I usually use the Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene...but sometimes it is just annoying to take off if I am not going into the shower. Also, it removes oil without feeling dry..and it's almost like it has hydrating properties. 4 out of 5*
2. Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color SPF 15 in Peach Daiquiri ($8.00 but always on sale!)I purchased mine for 3.99. To be honest, this is the only shade I have tried because the most lipsticks I have are in the peach and nude families. I haven't tried any shades with rich pigment such as hot pinks or reds..The problem I have with inexpensive lipsticks is that really pigmented shades tend to bleed. You might want to look into this...But I absolutely love the look of full lips, this shade compliments my skin tone(NC40-42), and it really does plump your lips without the annoying stinging. The packaging isn't bad either..silvery chrome tube...way better than the packaging on Loreal's lipsticks, which I hate!! I would recommend this lipstick its great for the price!!! 4 out of 5 *
3. Mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder in Pro Golden ($10.00) Okay, so this is my new favorite bronzer that I use. First off, it comes in three shades which I appreciate because not everyone can use the same shade of bronzer. This is a matte bronzer with no shimmer...which I appreciate for many purposes. I mainly use this bronzer as a contour, to add more dimension to my face. When I'm looking for more shimmer I use my Cargo Beach...or Victoria's Secret Shimmer Powder in Truth or Dare. This bronzer doesn't have that ugly orange tint to it, and it actually looks somewhat natural. I use it on my cheekbones and down my nose to make it appear more narrow. Awesome buy. The pink and black packaging is soooo cute! 4 out of 5*
4.Avon Satin Gel Eyeliner in Black Pearl ($8.00) always on sale, I received mine for $4.99, I prefer the look and application of creme liner, though looking for a great creme liner can sometimes be a project. I have found with creme liners you get what you pay for! and the trick is to find one with enough pigmentation and it doesn't crack or streak, I replaced my MAC fluid Line..with Loreal HIP creme Liner which is ($13.00)..though I happend to get lucky and get it for 5. This Avon will be replacing my HIP liner..because it works just the same and is way cheaper! 4 out of 5*
5. Avon Smooth Minerals Blush in Golden Glow and Rose Radiance ($5.99) I really really, love these blushes! Golden Glow is a neutral Peach while rose radiance is a doll like muted rose... I couldn't ask for a better blush for $5.99. They go on smooth, and natural..yet they are buildable. I can go for a natural or dramatic look. These are awesome because they remind me of my BareMinerals Collection Pots, which I found super convenient because they fit in my pencil case with ease! Also, this blush didn't make my face itch like some mineral powders! 5 out of 5 *
6. Avon Smooth Minerals Concealer in Medium Deep ($4.99) Okay so, when I had my Bare Minerals Kit I tried using the foundation itself with the concealer brush..and I figured it would work just the same. did not understand how a powder could be a concealer..but the light reflecting pigments in Bare Minerals, in a concentrated amount..actually emphasized the pimple instead of concealing. I was going to try the BareMinerals Concealer in the Matte Formula..but it was too expensive for me when I figured it wouldn't even work. So, I bought the Avon 5 dollar one..and I am so glad I did! When I have a big blemish..this covers far better than my Coastal Scents Creme Concealer Palette..sometimes I have to use both..and it doesn't aggravate my skin! 5 out of 5 *


  1. I have Avon Bronzing pearls and I love their color!!But havent try the blush!!!Thanks I'm going to give it a shot!!!

  2. thanks jenna :) !! i'm going to check them out now :)

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    im new to blogging
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  4. So I have never tried Mark or Avon stuff, but your list sounds so inviting! I need another bronzer like I need a hole in my head, but that Mark one sounds great! Thanks also for the comment on my blog, I agree with you that Lancome does fall into that "walk by the counter everytime I am in a department store" category. I don't know why I am not drawn to it, although I do think its the mom and grandma thing. I just steal it from all the other women in my life!

    Love your blog, looking forward to reading more. You are just gorgeous! : ) xoxo