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Friday, March 12, 2010

Moroccan Oil, What's the Deal with this stuff?

Hey beauties! So, several weeks back I was super excited to receive all my Moroccan Oil products I purchased from Amazon..I only bought it because of the free shipping...I bought the trial size of Moroccan Oil..just in case I hated it..its 12 bucks for the tiny bottle. Then I bought the Moroccan Oil intense hydrating mask, and then the styling creme for my moms which she hasn't used yet...First off, I am 100 percent aware that this isnt 100 percent pure argan oil lol..but I didn't care. If it has silicones in it, and its going to make my hair look better...then more power to the product...only...after using this for awhile...I am definitely not amazed. I actually hate this product! I've found that products people complain about, I find to be lovely...EX: MAC foundations, Bare Minerals Foundations, Herbal Essences Hair Mousses, and that cheap Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube which my best friend despises haha...anyways off topic...At first, I thought it might be because I was using too much of the by the time I cut the amount used..i got down to a little less then dime size. This did nothing for my ends. It cuts the drying time for my hair...which for some people that's great, but I hate it. I'm used to having thick hair, and after getting out of the shower..being able to do a few things without even brushing my hair and applying product, but with this by the time I get to style my hair it has already started drying. It also makes my hair feel much thinner than it loses body..and my hair becomes too "pliable" if this makes sense. I'm such an oddball. First, I hated Biosilk, and now I hate this stuff. The 4 dollar Garnier Fructis Oil does my hair so much more justice... I won't even go into the mask ...I will do a review on it..But...not the greatest mask either...I am going to try Eden Allure 100 percent Argan Oil...everyone who I have chatted with said Moroccan Oil, was great..

What do you think about Moroccan oil???


  1. never tried it lmao! so i can't tell you i hate it

  2. Oh Debbie it is like sooo retarded, and it costs like 38 dollars, could thing I bought the trial size hahaaaa