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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is the no shampoo way, really the healthiest thing for your hair?

Hello...okay so here's the story. I've been trying to take better care of my care and shampoo it less cuz it is curly and blah blah blah whatever else crazy things they have to say about curly hair..oh yah and use a wide tooth comb even though it rips my ends when my soft brush doesn.t =0 anywho, I have been investing cash into the Devacurl line, which has a cleanser free of sulfates and cleansing agents...I have the "low poo" cleanser. I have even been thinking of the Wen. Lately I have been shampooing with Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo three times a week, with 2 pumpx minimum. This is going to sound retarded, and I don't want you guys to think I'm strange, But sometimes I like when my boyfriend shampoos my hair in the sink because he gives me a scalp massage. He did it today...and used 8 pumps of shampoo..and scrubbed for a really long time! I could have killed him. My hair felt like old hayy. Then, I put lots of conditioner to try and make up for the shampoo madness...

I detangled my hair...applied Neutrogena UV leave in cream....with a little bit of Garnier Fructis Sleek Serum...and scrunched a bit... OMG WAS MY HAIR SO RIDICULOUSLY SOFT!!!!!! Neutrogena creme has always done wonders for my hair, except for lately. It has been feeling like no matter what wonder product I apply to my hair rejects it. When my neutrogena creme stopped working, I thought it was something with the bottle/formula..But what I have come to realize ladies ( and gents) is Shampoo is not bad for your hair!!!!!! You need to shampoo your hair....My boyfriend cleansing my hair so well, is probably what got rid of...what I suspect as product buildup in my hair...I have always been afraid of shampoo..apply very little ...and rinse out very quickly...Yes, shampoo can be drying...but...only if you do this everyday. If you shampoo like this let's say...once a month for someone who uses a lot of styling products...and once every 8 weeks for ppl with tight ringlets..or who dont use styling products..

Still not into shampoo? Try a vinegar treatment instead. Vinegar is super healthy for the hair.. Just leave 10 minutes and rinse. It restores hair's Ph..and removes product buildup.

I think I have dropped trying to go the "no poo" way. My curls have never felt softer, bouncier, and healthier...I'm going to be asking for a scalp scrubdown one a month now lol =)

Just be careful. Like junk food, shampoo should be used in moderation =)

Article on no shampooing and co washing ( wash hair with conditioner)

P.S For the vinegar...either try apple cider vinegar, or regular vinegar...Don't try balsamic..its a stupid thing to do, I should know =) Also, the smell rinses with warm water.

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  1. Hey Jenna!

    Don't think I ever got back to you about the lashes but YUP, I found them at Target! I'm sure you can find them at Walmart and other stores, 'cause here in Canada, I've seen them at London Drugs and other drug stores.

    Also, for drug store foundations, have you tried the Rimmel 16-hour stay one? I love it! I love Rimmel because it matches so many diff skintones, and this 16-hour staying power one really does stay for that long! It's great for my sensitive skin and I never break out from it either.