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Whether in Life you need to put your game face on, your sad face on, your happy face on, your mean face on, your dream face on, or your best foot forward...Personality is an art form. Makeup is an art form. And so the two meet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to save money and still have an awesome makeup collection.

Hi Beauties! So, we all love makeup, and we would all love to blow 500 bucks at Sephora ( which would be ridiculously easy to do) but we know we cannot do that. So, how do we obtain all the high quality products we desire without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips I have configured in order to be able to indulge in what you want without being broke.

Tip 1: Go through what you already have. If it's old, definitely get rid of it. If you don't use it get rid of it. If it's a cheap blush you bought for 3 dollars at Rite Aid out of boredom, you guessed it, get rid of it!

Tip 2: Analyze your makeup styles. Create different "faces" that work well on you, when you have mastered a combo of products you like on your face, remember it. Example...smokey eye look with nude lips. After looking at your typical looks, remember your makeup it mostly au naturale, or do you always rock bedroom eyes.?If you go au naturale 80 percent of the time, then their is no point in spending extra cash on that Stila Black Shadow you will probably never use.

Tip 3: Decide when to "dupe" and when not to dupe. Sometimes purchasing dupes isn't the way to save yourself money. Sometimes you just have to spend the extra cash on the real thing...Chances are if you try the dupe and are not are bound to buy the real thing anyways For example, many girls claim Milani Blush in Luminous is an excellent dupe to NARS blush in Orgasm. No it isn't. You are going to buy the Milani for 7 dollars, and end up spending the 26 for Nars anyways. Just buy the Nars. It lasts much longer. When it comes to creme liner, do the dupe. Don't buy MAC creme liner for 16.50, their is no point to do so...Nobody is going to be able to tell the difference...just make sure you buy a liner that doesn't streak or crack with pigmentation and your good...A dupe for MAC is Loreal HIP creme liner...I got it for 5 dollars on sale, wait until it goes on sale...the jar is far bigger than the MAC for 16.50..and it has the same awesome pigmentation...Midnight Blue is my favorite.

Tip 4: Don't fall for "fancy" mascaras.... It is a waste of money. Chanel and Givenchy are going to do the same thing all mascaras do...enhance your lashes..even if they do lengthen, and volumize beautifully without flake..or clump...if you are going to get dramatic lashes for 28.00 like with Chanel Imitable, you might as well buy fake lashes, and just go over it once with a drugstore mascara. Another reason to not spend $19.00 and up on a mascara is, mascaras are supposed to be thrown out within 3 months. I do my sooner because I have sensitive eyes. I use Rimmel London mascaras faithfully 6-9 dollars(drugstore)..or I use MAC Plush Lash (12.00)...I do not mind spending 12 dollars on MAC mascaras because it is only a three dollar difference from drugstore..I will buy DiorShow on SPECIAL occasions. Definitely not everyday thing.

Tip 5: Do not be afraid to shop items on clearance: I do this when I am shopping on Sephora online. My first assumption was they were trying to get rid of all the "junkie" makeup, which may be true for some items, but with a lot of items..the price decreases because it is too high in the first place. Example: Korres Limited Editon Mango Lip Collection...21 dollars..awesome lipsticks..on sale because no one cares about Korres brand ..don't be afraid to try new brands. To have an awesome makeup collection you have to have makeup line is an expert in every area. So buy from MAC for shadows, NARS for blushes and concealers...etc.

Tip 6: Don't be afraid of makeup sales lines like Mark and Avon: I sell both Mark, and Avon...and don't be fooled by the prices and crazy sales, a lot of these products are comparable to higher end brands..and then again some aren't. It's all trial and era. Avon has some amazing lipsticks with cute packaging...for like 5-8 dollars...So purchase those high end lipsticks in shades you can't put down, and for other daring shades you might wanna try buy them from Avon to save your cash. If your not going to wear amplified orange everyday, which I doubt you are, save your 14 dollars!

Tip 7: Clean, and Disinfect the packaging of your makeup items frequently: I do this to increase the longevity and cleanliness of my products. If I am spending money, often quite a bit of money, I like to take care of them. Don't let them get all messy...messy makeup is gross and a breathing ground for bacteria. After using a product several times, say like a Nars blush compact, I will take a disinfectant, clean the case, and wipe of the excess pigments that have spilled. Clean makeup covers...clean lipsticks smears on the tube...everything. You will be surprised!

Tip 8: Preserve Labels on clear compacts with Nail thing I hate about drugstore compacts is with continued use, the label with the brand begins to fade..and sometimes completely has to do with the oils of your fingers always touching. This happend to my Neutrogena shadow duos..the Neutrogena label..came right off. I prevent this by tracing either the letters themselves with clear nail polish...or a streak right over drys kind of cloudy if you don't mind that. I did this for my NYC bronzer too. If your makeup looks good, you are less likely to replace it. This helps you save money because it prevents you from replacing items that do not need to be replaced.

Tip 9: Determine how "advanced" of a makeup artist you are... Are you the girl who plays with 500 eyeshadows for one look? or are you the black eyeliner on the bottom lashes and lip balm type of girl? If you do a simple look everyday, there is no reason you should be on MACs website trying to buy every single blending brush they have..don't do it...waste of money...If you do dramatic eye looks every once around holidays...opt for way cheaper brushes..People on Youtube do makeup everyday....doesn't mean you have to. My favorite line of inexpensive brushes are Sonia Kashuk for Target. They don't shed, they are soft..and serve their purpose...She just came out with a bamboo collection thats adorable..and she has starter sets for 20 dollars.

Tip 10: Lip Butter and Chapstick are the best lip primers...I use nothing else. These two are cheap, and can save you around 5-25 dollars, depending on how fancy of a lip primer you buy!

Tip 11: Take Excellent care of your skin...This can save you tons of money. If your skin is in tip, top shape, foundation goes on appropriately and you use far less than regularly would. Foundation is not going to Give you beautiful skin..I don't care what brand it is. Foundation is cover up. Period. So,if you have less to cover up, you don't have to buy that Dior Foundation and can settle for a cheap brand that does the trick. Without moisturized, and hydrated skin, foundation will not go on right. Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be expensive. Just make sure your pores are clear. A lot of skincare stuff I get from around the house... Olive Oil is an excellent hydrater for the skin, Oatmeal is a great exfoliater, Lemon juice is a great toner that evens out dark marks. Invest in a cheap benzoyl peroxide cream, and believe you will be able to find a drugstore brand of foundation that does the trick.

Tip 12: Find a drugstore brand you really TRULY like...I use high end brands mostly, but I am in love with Rimmel London.Honestly girls its like my hobby. Their lipsticks are cute, mascaras are awesome...but I haven't tried foundation yet sorry. My favorite lipstick from them is the Rimmel London Moisture Moisture Renew in Spotlight Beige..its an excellent dupe for MAC lustre shine Cosmo.

Tip 13: Save Your CVS extra bucks: There are so many good deals. You want to save on your drugstore staples so you have more cash for indulging in pricier items. I got Rimmel London in Spotlight Beige today for $3.34..regularly $6.99 per lipstick...kind of a 2 for 1 deal !

Tip 14: Be on the Lookout for sales at Ulta: You can get a lot of good deals, samples, and freebies...last time I checked they were giving away Urban Decay Eye Pencils with Urban Decay purchases.


  1. Haha. This was a great post!
    I totally destroyed my wallet last year buying makeup, and since then I've been doing my best to keep the addiction under budget. Every extra tip helps!

  2. This is very interesting post :)
    I found out some dtuff that i hadn't knew before :) I like these kind of posts, with healthy view about make-up :)

  3. wow I didn't know that Ulta gave away UD pencils, that's so cool. :)

  4. could you do a post on products you recommend from avon and mark?! i've always wanted to try their products!

  5. Hey ladies, Holiday sales are awesome! Stock up, but not too I went overboard this year @ Sephora =(