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Whether in Life you need to put your game face on, your sad face on, your happy face on, your mean face on, your dream face on, or your best foot forward...Personality is an art form. Makeup is an art form. And so the two meet.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of a Makeup Era Organic SkinCare!!

Helllllllllo again. I have decided that I am going to stop purchasing makeup for several months. I am deciding this because I only bring a pencil case full of makeup to school..which includes a black liquid liner, a lip butter, MAC hug me, and Plush Lash....I use two foundations MAC studio Fix fluid..and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Honey Beige medium 4..I never considered myself someone who depends on foundation for clear skin...until I went home and forgot my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse at school. What terrible skin I noticed! All kinds of dark marks.,..and I could feel acne coming on...its amazing what a bit of makeup can do to fix your skin...I wear very little...Anyways I am deciding to trade in My makeup hauls for skincare hauls...and I want to go organic...

I am looking into the sites below... (Nutriganics????)

Has anyone tried organic face products..I am really interested...not to be conceited but I think my face is attractive without makeup and I'm sick of covering it up =)

Anyone else want to take the skincare with me?????

xoxoxoxo Jenna


  1. I switched to all organic skincare, haircare, and even most of my food within the past 2 months and let me tell you my skin has never looked so good. Be careful though because you can have allergies to the natural things, but the way I look at it is all the people in the countries without all this nasty crap ingredients have way better skin than us over here so why not give it a shot! Also another reason the makeup might be killing your skin is the silicone ingredients- it acts like saran wrap and traps anything that is on your skin or in your pores.

    My favorites are:
    Avalon Organics
    Burts Bees
    Aubrey Organics
    John Masters Organics

    Let me know if you have any questions or where to get any of them!

    Great blog by the way!:D

  2. I was gonna just reply on my blog but I figured it would be smarter to reply on here instead lol I was in the same situation with my hair were it was so damaged and dry. One thing that sucks with salon haircare is that it contains sulfate which is a cheap surfactant (cleanser) that strips your hair of all it's natural oils and shine. Because it's cheap most hair brands (even salon) use it. That's why I switched to organic- no sulfate and all natural. Just watch out for what the actual hair care is meant to do. I got one with Keratin because Keratin is a natural protein your hair produces and it helps makes your hair stronger; but after doing some research found out that it can make your hair brittle after extended use. If you have any questions just let me know!

    Ashley :)

    P.S. Sorry my post is so long! Just thought I would give you a few hints that no one told me! Oh and John Masters is fabulous- I want to try every single skin care product they make lol!

  3. Hey I've tried Alba Products which are pretty cheap online they also sell them at Walmart & wholeFoods but it pretty expensive there. Alba products are pretty good. There's also Origins. Which is a higher end skin care line that u could find at Macy's. and always make sure there REALLY organic. you could type in the product ur using anf it will let u know if its organic and safe! hope this helps. I'm also a fan of Burt's Bees and Yes To Carrots/

  4. @Awful Beautiful Disarray, I have settled on Burt's Bees, and 100 percent Witch Hazel, Its done well.

    @ Sandra J, Thank you hun! I have been wanting to try Alba for a great while, but it just seemed to expensive a product to buy at Target lol, might as well buy something fancier, but this website is sooo helpful!

    xoxxo Jenna