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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

Okay, so I have to admit this is probably my favorite foundation available at the drugstore. It cost ranges from around 11-14 dollars, depending on where you shop. I've been using this on and off since I was 16. I am now 18. Forewarning, this foundation isn't for everybody. If you need lots of coverage..this probably isn't for you.
1. Low Cost
2. Cute Packaging
3. Gentle on your skin
4. Kickbutt staying power for a drugstore found.
5. SPF 20 in the product
6. Product claim: Rich in antioxidants and improves skin..( which it did for me)
1. Shades lean towards people with warm undertones more some ppl might have problems trying to find the correct shade for their skin
2. Runny formula can get messy trying to apply with a brush
3. Neutrogena doesn't offer too many dark shades I think the darkest is around tan, which is a bummer because everybody should able to try this awesome foundation
4. Light to medium buildable coverage...which might not suit some people..because a lot of ppl have problem areas to cover...BUT I will say this foundation does improve your skin tremendously...wearing it everyday helped even out my skin even when I washed the makeup off.
5. Difficult to apply with cheap makeup sponge...some of the product absorbs into the sponges I use unlike some thicker might want to use a stippling brush for great application..But If you can purchase a better quality works great. I recommend Sonia Kashuk blending sponges.
Overall, one of my favorite foundations for going to reminds me of a tinted moisturizer because the formula is so light. Even out of the higher end cover up products I use, I keep coming back to this foundation every now and then, you should definitely try it! My shade is honey beige, and I bought it at CVS for 12 bucks. Can't go wrong!


  1. thanks for dropping by my blog! thanks for the review! i'm still on the lookout for the perfect drugstore foundation. but i get so turned off when a lot of them aren't sealed, and when they are sealed i can't test out the colour! ><

  2. @ Jenny, Yes I know its such a pain! I'm the queen of mixing foundations.

    @ Rai, Thank you hun!

    xoxoxxoxoxo Jenna