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Monday, March 22, 2010

Drugstore Dollar Days =)

Hey beauties! I have been doing a lot of drugstore shopping because I haven't had a significant amount of money left over from my paychecks because of bills and car stuff and I have been stumbling around the drugstore for a few weeks now..and I know it is nerdy to say but I have gotten such good buys They have excited me!! Here, Now I share them with you!!!

Essence of Beauty Creme Butter in Creamy Fig - This is my most favorite item I have gotten in a great while!!!!This is a moisturizing body butter, which comes in a circular casing.. I bought this at CVS on clearance ( yes they have clearance items there) for $1.50 !!! These are honestly comparable to the quality of the Body Shop body butters, which run for 20.00...My favorite part is the scent! It is light, yet alluring. It is definitely a GREAT add to my collection because it's like nothing I have ever smelled before. Fig is an unusal scent. Anyways, they were so dirt cheap I decided to buy three of them...Creamy Fig, Sensual Amber, Gardenia Flower or something. I gave the flower one to my mom. Only thing is, I am unsure of the usual you might want to check the clearance rack.

Soft Lips Rose Tinted Lip Conditioner- This reminds me of the Neutrogena lipsticks because they aren't that pigmented..this conditions my lips, and leaves a hint of color...for when I don't feel like wearing a nude lipstick.. I recommend this..I got it for $1.99

Dickinson's Witch Hazel Facial Toner- This is regularly 4.99, but i got it for 1.99 on a special. I think it's a skincare item shoppers frequently disregard so its always on sale..When I used this...I couldn't believe how dirty my skin was..( I wash my face 2-3 times per day, moisturize, exfoliate, AND mask) I laugh because the only product my boyfriend uses is soap..but when I use only soap it makes my face feel dirty, he used this and you can't imagine the dirt and grime on his face
..definitely detoxifys the skin..if you want a toner that does the job for cheap, go with dickinson's.

CVS Brand Cotton Rounds- I bought these to use on my face with my toner..I bought the big pack for 2.99, but their is a smaller pack for cheaper, work far better than cotton balls!

NYC color Classic Eyeliner Pencil (in) In the Navy- Over the summer, I go through these blue pencils like water! I buy at least 5- 10 of them... I use blue eyeliner a lot in the summer..for an updated modern version of the 80's look itself..I do blue liner on the bottom...sometimes gold liner on top..tons of mascara...with a mango lippie. It's sexy! I'll do a tutorial perhaps...It is only 99 cents! I burn the pencil to soften the pigments because cheap eyeliner pencils usually scratch the eye..but the burn trick..prevents this..and if you don't like the traditional pencils..they have an automatic pencil..I use Brazen Blue...for $2.99.

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